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50th month

Written Dec. 28, 2010

Published today: Dec. 29, 2010


I went to visit Jed’s family to give them my Christmas presents. I was really excited before going there because I know I’ll be able to see those cute little boys of his brother. I was not disappointed because those boys made me happy, they are really adorable. Also his mom really likes my gift and so as the others but his mom was the one constantly telling me how nice my gift was. I’m so glad she liked it.

Whenever I visit his family I always go home feeling happy. They like me.. Whew.. I get to hug his mom and it felt good. After I hugged her she told me I smell good. Hehe..I really love the part when I can talk about him without feeling “I’m talking too much about my guy”. For one thing I know they will never get tired of listening. They are thirsty for information and are glad that I have something to share about Jed.  

Being with Jed’s family makes me miss him even more. Especially when it’s time to leave because I know it would be wonderful if he’s with me whenever I visit his family. I know time will come that I don’t have to visit them alone. It’s just a matter of time. I just need to be patient. Thank God his family is wonderful that I can spend time with them even without Jed. I am really happy.. By the way, today is our 50th month together.. What do we call that these days? Ahhh.. Golden Monthsary! lol!


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