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Today was spent with my LCC family. I joined LCC (Parish based organization that assists the less privilege students) in 2004. I was a Project Directress then, but it only lasted for a year because the foundation that used to support us financially pulled out their support to all organizations connected to them in the Philippines. With that, most of us were forced to leave. Only one person remains from the original staff.  Anyway, even though we only worked with each other for a year we have established a wonderful friendship. We used to be five girls and a boy. But the latter is not really close to us anymore. With our busy schedule we don’t get to see each other much. We just bumped into each other once in a while because we belong to the same Parish or during special occasions like birthdays, wedding of a common friend or baptismal. But even though we don’t get to hang out often we still try to connect to one another using social networking sites and text messaging. The main event for the five (girls) of us is our yearly reunion which usually transpires after Christmas. For this year, it’s today.

I am really glad we get to do this every year for five years now. Two of our friends are married now and they already have babies. But when we get together some things never changed. Like the way we connect to one another, our affection to each another, the things that could make us laugh and the favorite subjects of our gossip lol! I am so glad I was able to get to know them six years ago because then I found people that I can call my friends for a life time.  


January 2011

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