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clicks and cuts

Since everything is in our heads, we had better not lose them.

24 May 1981
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** Mayen, Yen or Jane

**Boo or Princess is exclusive for Jed

**Vain, kikay and maarte (not in a bad way..if you know what I mean).

**I now wear glasses or contacts.

**I love colors, YELLOW, pink and now green are my favorites..

**Loves to read and browse the net.

**I love sweets kaya I smell sweet..hehe..diba?

**I can easily identify people by the color of their clothes or the way they smell. I have a strong sense of smell so I smell every person I met. Most of you don’t know that.

**”Photoholic”, I know the word don’t exist, but for me it means picture addict. hehehe


**Crazy lazy! Wasting time keeps me sane. Don’t ask me to explain it because I can’t. I just know I need to do nothing sometimes or do something else instead of the things I suppose to do.

**I have lots of friends but still people think I am a snob. I guess I can be at times but only if I barely know you. Although, once I consider you special I can be so caring and sweet. I am generous in my own special way. I share my time, good deeds, thoughts, prayers and love.


**I am good at selective amnesia, it’s my favorite defense. Although, there are situations I can’t break away from easily so in the end I still have to deal with it. Kaya madalas delayed reaction ako!

**I may appear weak to some but I am really brave and strong (parang si darna). I admit I can be a cry baby when I’m in difficult situation, except I know how to wipe those tears away so I can continue the battle.

**I can face any challenges for I know I won’t be facing it alone I have my family, jed, friends and best friends. (you know who you are) to back me up


**..and my favorite finale. “I am FAITHFUL to my CREATOR”

**I will always be for I am so blessed that I can’t ask for more!!


* Still, my whole being can’t fully be defined on this page. There are things left undiscovered or things I choose not to share.